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Pathway improved to ancient well
The path
The 500m path leads from St David's to St Non's Bay
An ancient well said to have healing powers has been made more accessible to elderly and disabled people.

Visitors to Pembrokeshire wanting to take the most direct path to St Non's Chapel and its nearby well used to have to climb stiles and negotiate farmland.

But work has just finished to upgrade the footpath leading to the sites from the cathedral city of St David's.

St Non's is said to be the birthplace of St David and the well to date back to his birth sometime around 500AD.

It is said to have sprung up during a thunderstorm when St David was born, while it was claimed its waters could cure infirmities.

John George
It's a very beautiful and ever changing place in summer and winter
John George

National park wardens and contractors fenced off farm land and replaced stiles with gates to open the 500m path up to more visitors.

John George, mayor of St David's city council which helped pay for the work, said: "The path was rather awkward as it went across farmland where there were animals."

He also said stiles, now replaced with gates, could be a hurdle to some.

"The path has been there for many years but now it has been renovated it is easier for the elderly in particular to walk from St David's to the sea to St Non's Bay."

St David, the patron saint of Wales, is said to have been born at St Non's Chapel around 500 AD.

But the area of St Non's Bay is rich in both Christian and pre-Christian sites, having significance to Pagans as well.

St Non's Chapel
The ruins of St Non's Chapel date back to the 6th century

The 6th Century chapel was built within a much older prehistoric stone circle.

Councillor George said he was hopeful more visitors would follow in the footsteps of pilgrims by visiting the area.

"Tourism is important - it's what keeps the place going.

"It's a very beautiful and ever changing place in summer and winter and hopefully more people will now complete the walk."

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