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Bilingual Monopoly for Swansea
The new game will have place names in English and Welsh
The Swansea version of the board game Monopoly is to be bilingual after a poll of people living in the city.

The manufacturers said place names will be in both English and Welsh when it goes on sale later this year.

They are keeping which of the city's landmarks have been selected for the game under their hats until the launch.

But the new football and rugby stadium will be on the board, possibly in place of Mayfair, although Catherine Zeta Jones house was 'unlikely' to feature.

An all-Wales version of Monopoly was released six years ago with a bilingual rule book but the Swansea version will have English and Welsh place names.

Monopoly board
Community Chest: Cist Gymunedol
Chance: Siawns
Do not pass Go, do not collect 200: Peidiwch a mynd heibio ewch, peidiwch chasglu 200
Go to jail: Ewch i'r carchar
Get out of jail free card: Cerdyn dod allan o'r carchar am ddim

Graham Barnes, spokesman for the manufacturers Winning Moves, said it was likely that English would be given greater prominence than Welsh but a poll run in city found support for the edition to be bi-ingual.

"There was a lot of passion on both sides," he said.

By including names in English and Welsh he said it was hoped some parents would use the game as an educational resource with their children learning Welsh.

Canvassers consulted shoppers in the city centre over the landmarks they would like to see.

"Just about every corner of the city must have been nominated," added Mr Barnes.

"The new stadium will be there but we don't know yet if it will be on Mayfair."

But he said Catherine Zeta Jones' home in Mumbles "probably won't be."

Monopoly has sold more than 200m copies in 32 different languages since it was invented in 1935.

The bilingual Swansea edition will be released on October.

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