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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 12:16 GMT
Ice cream maker goes cold turkey
By Nick Parry
BBC Wales news website

Brān Bucca
Chef Brān Bucca said the turkey and stuffing was attracting attention
Garlic mushroom, turkey and stuffing, Christmas pudding and brandy sauce.

A bog standard menu likely to be dished up at thousands of Christmas parties you may think - but we are talking ice cream.

Heavenly Ice Cream in Llandeilo opened earlier this year with the promise that, given 48 hours, it could create any flavour under the sun.

Most are made to order but the turkey and stuffing has gone on general sale alongside the traditional flavours.

Savoury ice creams are not new - the Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, Berkshire, started serving a crab and sardines on toast flavour several years ago while at Ice Cream City in Tokyo you could treat yourself to octopus and shrimp or vegetarian soybean.

What has taken Heavenly's Tracey Kindred by surprise is the demand for the ice creams in west Wales.

"We knew straight away that we wanted to have an enormous range," she said.

"From the day we opened we said any flavour ice cream you want we will make it within 48 hours.

"It just went insane from there really - we were not expecting such a response."

Television presenters Des O'Connor and Melanie Sykes recently asked for a batch flavoured to their favourite meals - bacon butties and lobster and chips.

Turkey & Stuffing ice cream
Despite the belt size I've never been a big dessert fan - and can't say I was looking forward to the turkey and stuffing.

The taste of sage was a bit strong and it would take a keen palate to really taste the turkey.

I think my brain had difficulty accepting the idea and I can't say it'll be on my menu come Christmas Day.

The Christmas pudding flavour, however, was to die for.
Nick Parry

"Baked bean and Worcester Sauce is the worst to date - it tasted awful and had a baked bean ripple," said Tracey.

"We've also made some great ones that have worked out a lot better than we thought - sun dried tomato and bacon was really good.

"Garlic mushroom works quite well as does blue cheeses."

Tracey said there was no secret behind what they did.

"It really is simple - you actually do use the ingredients that are stated on the label," she added.

"If it's turkey and stuffing it means there is turkey and stuffing in it with the base mix.

"That is Welsh organic cream, milk, sugar, milk powder and some natural emulsifiers we use just to give it the consistency - nothing nasty, no chemicals or e-numbers.

"The way we've made the turkey and stuffing is as a blended ice cream so you don't get the chewy bits in it."

The man responsible for producing the finished product is ice cream chef Brān Bucca.

"The turkey and stuffing is getting a lot of attention," he said.

"It's mainly men who have tried it and they seem to like it a bit more than the women.

"I think it would be more of a starter - ideal for somewhere if they did it with slightly toasted bread and possibly some sun dried tomato."

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