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Last Updated: Saturday, 3 December 2005, 16:08 GMT
Swansea fans buy up anthem CD
mal pope
Mal Pope is a keen Swans fan
Buying a Christmas present for a Swansea City fan will be easy this year, with the release of a new CD.

Singer-songwriter and broadcaster Mal Pope is behind a six-track album of crowd-rousing songs.

The CD celebrates good times for the club, which is at the top of League Division 1, and regularly attracts 20,000 spectators at its new stadium.

Boys from the West, sung by the North Bank Boys, went on release on Saturday.

For decades, the most popular song on the terraces was Take Me to the Vetch Field Way Down by the Sea.

But, when the club's HQ moved from the Vetch to the new Liberty Stadium, a few miles further inland, the lyrics posed a problem.

We are the Boys from the West

So we've got to be the best

Because we're Swansea City, Swansea City

The Boys in the crowd singing loud, singing proud

Because we're Swansea City, Swansea City

Lyrics from the song

No matter how fans tried to change the words, reflect the move to the new inland Stadium at Morfa in Swansea, it no longer had quite the same impact.

Swansea-based performer and keen Swans supporter Mal Pope was asked to come up with a new composition, which is the title track on the album.

"It was a difficult task to come up with something that is singable, reflects the passion of the crowd but doesn't seek to compete with the previous song - which has rightfully become a classic," he said.

Swansea's Liberty Stadium
Games regularly attract 20,000 fans

"In fact, I resisted releasing the song on CD until it the Swansea crowd had had a chance to hear it being played at the new stadium and seeing if they like it."

Once word got out about the forthcoming release, the club shop and local music stores started receiving advance orders.

The CD includes an acoustic version of the song Bringing Back the Glory Days, which Mal recorded for the club to help raise money in the days when Swansea was in danger of going out of existence.

There is also a "hidden track" on the CD which is not listed on the cover. The song, Lee Don't Go, urges the Swans hero Lee Trundle not to be tempted away from the club by offers from Premiership clubs.

Recording the CD was a labour of love for Mal. "I got a few mates who were North Bank regulars to come into the studio to sing for the Swans," he explained.

"It's the closest we'll ever get to representing the team!"

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