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Last Updated: Monday, 21 November 2005, 17:02 GMT
Band brassed off over noise row
Burry Port Town Band
The band has played across the UK including the Royal Albert Hall
An award-winning brass band has been told to cut the volume at its practice sessions after noise complaints.

Burry Port Town Band has been hit with a noise abatement notice after council officers found its music was too loud.

The problem started when the 35-piece ensemble moved to a new venue for its twice-weekly rehearsals and a neighbour started to complain.

The band, crowned Welsh champions at the weekend, is to meet with council officers later this week.

Carmarthenshire Council said it had received "a number" of noise complaints since the band moved to a new practice room at the old Copperworks School in the town earlier in the year.

There is a complaint and it is a justified complaint
Philip Davies, Carmarthenshire Council

But band secretary Edmond John said he had been told it was just one unnamed person who had made several complaints.

"We have done our own canvassing and found the neighbours are very supportive," he said.

Charity concerts

"We can't practice any more quietly because we need to keep up our high standards. We will try to sound proof the room but it will cost money and can't happen overnight.

"I feel it's a bit unfair. We do a lot to help the community - we play free concerts for charity and the elderly at the homes and take part in Armistice Day."

He said the band practised for two hours twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and usually finished by 2145 GMT.

Mr John said it had moved to the new venue as it had toilets and tea making facilities that the previous room did not.

Carmarthenshire Council said it had been forced to investigate after receiving complaints and after monitoring the sound levels it found that they were too high.

Head of public protection Philip Davies said: "There is a complaint and it is a justified complaint.

"The band has moved from one room where it was not causing any problems to another where it is.

"Meetings are taking place this week to ask them to move back. We are hopeful of resolving this situation in the near future."

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