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Newsreader plays God in musical
Huw Edwards
Huw Edwards is the voice of God in the musical
BBC newsreader Huw Edwards is featuring as the voice of God in a musical which is about to tour Wales.

Amazing Grace, which opened in Swansea this Easter, tells the story of preacher Evan Roberts and his role in the 1904 Welsh religious revival.

The voice of Ten O'Clock News anchorman Edwards is heard at the end of the musical, rounding up the story.

The musical has opened at Swansea's Grand Theatre and will move on to Cardiff and Mold in April.

Written by Swansea singer-songwriter Mal Pope, Amazing Grace focuses on the leader of the revival, 26-year-old former miner Evan Roberts, who claimed to have talked to God and was inspired to lead a worldwide resurgence in religious faith.

Journalist's role

Thousands of people across Wales and beyond found religious faith, many through the influence of Roberts.

The musical stars Peter Karrie and is directed by Michael Bogdanov.
Old photo of Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts was among the leaders of the 1904 revival

Last year Edwards presented Bread of Heaven, a BBC Wales series about religious faith in Wales over 3,000 years, one episode of which focused on the revival.

Writer Mal Pope said that as a journalist, Edwards was suited to his role in the musical.

He added: "The story of the revival was spread by the newspapers and one of the main characters is the journalist W T Stead who covers the story (of the revival) for the Times.

"As all of the characters in the show are based on real people I thought it would be good to tell the audience at the end what happened to them in real life.

"Who better to do that than a respected modern journalist and in that case who better than Huw Edwards?

"Michael Bogdanov emailed Huw with the idea and within a couple of days got a reply saying he would be delighted to be in the show.

"He wants to see the show and if he can he may do a guest appearance and play the role live on stage."

The real Huw Edwards
18 Dec 03 |  Ten

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