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Tenby gears up for rickshaw rides
Marion Davies
Rickshaws are being seen more and more in some UK cities
East will meet west on the streets of Tenby this summer as a local tour guide launches her own rickshaw service.

Marion Davies is gearing up to pedal visitors around the seaside resort on a tricycle more commonly seen in Asia.

She hopes the service will be popular with visitors looking for a leisurely way to view the seaside resort.

But before she starts picking up and dropping off customers councillors will meet to draw up rules regulating their use, similar to those for taxis.

It's for tootling around, taking in the sights
Marion Davies

Mrs Davies, a local tour guide and historian, said she had the idea of introducing rickshaws to Tenby while travelling in Asia.

"I though gosh - that would really be very much in the vein of Tenby as a seaside resort.

"If anyone wants to get anywhere in a hurry then they are not going to ask for the rickshaw - it's for tootling around, taking in the sights and I can give them a guided talk if they want.

"It's quite heavy so I don't anticipate doing hills, it will be something very much confined to the centre of Tenby.

"It's a lovely thing to cycle and it's going to help keep me fit. I'm puffing a bit at the moment but I'm hoping it will get easier as it goes."

Rickshaws have become a more common sight on the streets of some UK cities such as London and Edinburgh where they are seen as an environmentally-friendly form of transport.

Pedal-driven shuttles are also used in Cardiff city centre by a company, carrying advertising.

But Pembrokeshire Council will be one of the first in the to implement rules regulating them when its licensing committee meets on Thursday.

It is recommended Mrs Davies becomes the first operator in the county to be granted a licence.

As part of her operating conditions she will have to make ensure that the vehicle is kept in roadworthy order and available for inspection by council officials at any time.

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