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Last Updated: Monday, 24 October 2005, 16:31 GMT 17:31 UK
Golden eagle reunited with owner
Megaera unpicked the radio tracker on her ankles after flying off.

A pet golden eagle that disappeared leaving her owners distraught has been found safe and well.

Five-year-old Megaera was discovered less than a mile from where she was last seen by her owner Sara Rawlings.

The bird went missing in the Brechfa Forest in Carmarthenshire on 16 October, after unpicking the anklets holding her radio tracking device.

She was found five days later after an advertising campaign in south west and mid Wales.

Permanent radio tracking devices will now be attached to avoid a similar problem in the future, said Ms Rawlings.

She added that she was "over the moon" when Megaera was found last Friday.

I never gave up hope
Sara Rawlings

"We printed hundreds of flyers and delivered them all over the place in south west Wales, the Pontypool area and even Cardigan," she said.

"We'd received a number of sightings following an article in the Carmarthen Journal newspaper too and we were eventually alerted by someone who told us he was watching Megaera sitting on a telegraph pole.

"We arrived and there she was, a quarter-of-a-mile from where I'd last seen her.

"A group of about 12 people had gathered and this scared her a bit because she's not used to people."

Ms Rawlings said Megaera had not lost any weight and had probably survived on rabbits and pheasants.

Megaera the eagle
Megaera's wing span is nearly six feet wide

"I never gave up hope and would have carried on searching for her," said Ms Rawlings.

Ms Rawlings and her husband John Rowsell have carpet on the roof of their Toyota van which the eagle, with a wingspan approaching six feet (1.83m), uses as her landing pad.

Megaera has a diet of quail, partridge, rabbit and pheasant which the couple hand-rear for her on their farm in the forest.

She eats about one pound of meat a day, but last Friday and Saturday she was treated to two pounds.

The couple moved to Wales so they could rear Megaera in the peace and quiet of the area.

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