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Villagers win LNG caravan fight
Stanley and Patricia Thomas
I'm glad that the councillors came and had a look around our garden
Patricia Thomas
Residents have won their fight against plans to house up to 100 construction workers in caravans in their village.

Around 500 workers are needed to help build two liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in the county.

But Pembrokeshire county councillors voted to refuse the development on an industrial estate at Waterston.

The developer behind the plan said there was a desperate shortage of accommodation for workers and he would appeal against Tuesday's ruling.

Members of Pembrokeshire Council's planning committee visited the village last week before voting 12 to seven to reject the application.

Locally-based company Accommodate Ltd wanted to put 34 caravans on a field at the Waterston industrial estate, near one of the terminals at the Petroplus site.

The application was opposed by Llanstadwell community councillors and in a petition signed by 101 people.

Petrolplus site at Waterston
One of the terminals will be built at Petroplus site at Waterston

The land borders the home of retired couple Stanley and Patricia Thomas who organised the petition.

Mrs Thomas said after the meeting: "We are over the moon.

"I'm glad that the councillors came and had a look around our garden so they could see what we would have had to look at everyday.

"I think everyone who signed the petition will be pleased. When we started off we did not think that we would win but I'm very pleased we kept on going."

A previous meeting had heard 500 workers were needed for the LNG construction projects but it was not known how many of these would be from outside the county.

Darren Thomas of Accommodate Ltd said the site was outside the village housing limit, would be screened from the Thomas' house and was ideally suited for the Petroplus site workers.

He claimed house prices and rents were rising as a result of an influx of workers and many more were expected.

"My question is, if you as a councillor voted for the LNG terminals but vote against accommodation for the workers, where do you think these people are going to stay?

"I don't think people are aware how much of a problem it is.

"We will definitely be appealing because this site is away from residential housing except for one house nearby, and is absolutely perfect for the duration the workers are here before it reverts back to becoming an industrial estate."

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