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Last Updated: Monday, 17 January, 2005, 11:29 GMT
Park body's Bluestone appeal bid
The CNP's legal challenge was refused last month
A watchdog is to go to the Court of Appeal to try to stop a 60m holiday village within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park's boundaries.

The Council for National Parks has been refused leave to appeal against a High Court ruling that opened the way for the Bluestone project at Narberth.

It will now take its case straight to the Court of Appeal.

Bluestone is set to include more than 300 timber lodges, water and snow attractions, a sports club and spa.

It has always been our belief that Bluestone is an environmentally and economically beneficial project for Pembrokeshire
William McNamara, Bluestone

Backers claim it will create 900 jobs in an unemployment black spot.

The CNP had claimed the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority went against its own policies in granting the development planning permission.

But last month High Court judge Mr Justice Jack dismissed a legal challenge.

The CNP sought leave to appeal the ruling stating it had implications for all national parks in England and Wales.


Head of policy, Ruth Chambers, said on Monday: "We are not surprised that the High Court judge has refused leave to appeal.

"It means we will go straight to the Court of Appeal and ask for permission to appeal."

The charity has been told it would not be liable for the park authority or developers' costs for its High Court action.

Bluestone chief executive William McNamara said: "To date, Bluestone has passed every stage of the democratic planning process."

He said that included full approval by the national park, Pembrokeshire Council the Welsh Assembly Government, an inquiry by the local government ombudsman and the High Court hearing.

"It has always been our belief that Bluestone is an environmentally and economically beneficial project for Pembrokeshire.

"Now that the legal processes have been followed the time has come to get on and deliver it.

"Hopefully we will be allowed to do just that."

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