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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 September, 2004, 06:05 GMT 07:05 UK
Prisoners pen anti-crime booklet
Swansea Prison
Inmates at Swansea Prison have passed on their advice
A new crime prevention booklet being launched in Swansea contains some expert advice - courtesy of inmates at the city's prison.

Offenders have provided tips on how to steer clear of crimes such as fraud, car crime, violence and burglary.

And they have backed them up with their own real-life experiences.

It is aimed at improving their literacy skills to help them get a job and at making them focus on the impact of their crimes on the victims.

Who better to give this advice than the offenders themselves?
Paul Evans

The booklet is a collaboration between the prison and the Safer Swansea Partnership.

Paul Evans, of Swansea Council's community safety unit, said research showed those inmates that improved their reading skills in prison had a better chance of finding a job, so were less likely to re-offend.

"Prisoners have been more than willing to contribute to this publication," he added.

"It has also made offenders confront their crimes head-on and made them realise the long-lasting implications of their actions.

Burglar enters a house (generic)
The booklet gives advice on how to avoid burglaries

"The booklet provides practical insider information from the offenders themselves on what would prevent a crime taking place.

"It has to be the best source of knowledge.

"Who better to give this advice than the offenders themselves?"

Prison governor Phil Taylor said the prison aimed to equip inmates with skills to prevent them re-offending when they were released.

"The initiative has given prisoners the opportunity of expressing their thoughts and feelings in regard to the crimes they committed as well as contributing to a safer Swansea for all," he added.

"I am confident that it will have a positive impact on reducing crime throughout the city."

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