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Author leaves charity windfall
Aeres Evans (right) being presented with her degree
Aeres Evans received an honorary degree from Trinity College
A children's author from Carmarthen has left over 900,000 to local charities and good causes in her will.

Retired Welsh teacher Aeres Evans donated a similar sum to the arts and children's medicine in Wales before her death in January at the age of 92.

Organisations will now be invited to apply for a donation.

Around 100,000 has gone to develop a new music and arts centre at Trinity College in the town in memory of her only son Emyr whom she outlived.

Mrs Evans has also left money to Tabernacle Baptist Chapel in Carmarthen where her husband Ifor was once secretary, and to West Wales General Hospital.

The minister at Tabernacle, Reverend Desmond Davies, knew Mrs Evans for more than 30 years.

He said: "She had told me on more than one occasion what her intention was.

"Knowing Aeres, she had worked with young people throughout her life and I think she would have remembered young people in her will anyway.

Reverend Desmond Davies
Desmond Davies: "She (Mrs Evans) lost her only child Emyr."

"But she lost her only child Emyr and she was quite determined to remember young people in that way.

"I think it is very encouraging that her name, Ifor's name and Emyr's will be remembered as a result of this and one is glad of that."

As a result of the money left to Trinity College, a new music suite called the Emyr Wyn Evans Memorial Centre has been built on the campus.

Facilities include teaching and practice rooms as well as equipment for the teaching of music technology.

Principal Dr Medwin Hughes said: "The new centre now will offer the college the opportunity of developing new training in the areas of music and arts and we are extremely grateful for the gift.

"Emyr was an eminent musician although he had a first degree in mathematics from Cambridge.

"Mrs Evans was very keen for the college to develop a centre here in memory of her son that focused upon the arts and especially upon music."

Mrs Evans had written a number of books in Welsh and English - mainly about the legends and folklore of Wales.

She had decreed that the money should be used to "protect, preserve and promote the wellbeing of the community, with particular reference to the provision of medical treatment .... and the cultural heritage of Wales and the Welsh people."

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