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Last Updated: Friday, 9 January, 2004, 12:03 GMT
Comic attacks English rugby 'gloating'
Paul Allen
Paul Allen's Mosh Song was a cult hit at Swansea City's Vetch Field
A Welsh comedian is releasing a single to get back at English rugby fans "gloating" over their World Cup win.

Paul Allen denies that his song, You Can Stick Your Chariots Where The Sun Don't Shine, is anti-English.

Mr Allen, who also created the local grassroots hit The Mosh Song, knows it could provoke controversy, but says there is no malice behind it.

"I was gutted when England won the World Cup. Everyone in Wales should be gutted because Wales did not win it," he said.

I'm a comedian, not a physician or a philosopher. I'm only saying what others are thinking
Paul Allen

"It's not an anti-English song. It's an anti-gloating song.

"You can't turn the telly on without seeing them and I've had enough of it."

Mr Allen, who has spent 24 years doing his act on the club circuit, first came to the attention of many in south Wales when he recorded the 'Mosh Song' last May.

Despite its liberal use of four-letter words it became a cult hit in south Wales and is still played at pubs and clubs across the region.

He said: "One of the best days of my life was the final game of the football season last year when the Swans avoided relegation.

"After the match there were 12,000 people at the Vetch all singing along to it. It just seemed to strike a chord with many people.

England parade
The England team paraded the cup before fans in London

"We sold a few CDs but we lost a lot on money because people were downloading it on the internet."

He followed it up with I Saw Santa Signing On, which tied with Ozzy and Kelly Osbournes' 'Changes' as the biggest selling single at Swansea's HMV music store in the run-up to Christmas.

It also topped a poll to find the best festive song run by Swansea's Wave radio station on Christmas Day.

"With the Santa song I did a blue version and a clean version to give people the choice," added Mr Allen.

"I'm doing the same with the World Cup song. I understand the blue versions are not for everyone.

"I know it's going to wind a few people up but it's a comedy song.

"I'm a comedian, not a physician or a philosopher. I'm only saying what others are thinking."

The single will be released towards the end of January.

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