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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 October, 2003, 18:18 GMT
Neil Morrissey fined for speeding
Neil Morrisey
Neil Morrissey co-owns a pub in Laugharne
Actor Neil Morrissey has been fined for speeding after being caught by a speed camera on the M4.

The star of the BBC's Men Behaving Badly was recorded doing 67mph in his BMW on the 50mph stretch of the motorway at Port Talbot, south Wales.

Morrissey, 41, was travelling from his London home to the hotel and pub he co-owns in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire.

He was fined 150 by magistrates in Neath.

Anyone who travels that section frequently should be well aware that they must not speed
John Rowling

Morrissey failed to pay the automatic 60 fine in the post, and did not turn up in court twice when his case was called.

He was also ordered to pay 40 costs and he was given three points on his licence.


He did not attend the hearing.

John Rowling, head of the South Wales Safety Camera Partnership, said there were plenty of warnings about the 50mph limit and motorists had no excuse.

"Anyone who travels that section frequently should be well aware that they must not speed," he said.

"There is no excuse for any motorist to speed on that stretch because there are substantial signs and information about speed cameras."

Morrissey has bought the quiet Three Mariners Inn at Laugharne and the nearby Hurst House hotel.

A spokeswoman for the actor said: "He is unable to comment because he is out of the country."

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