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Cerys names baby after home
Cerys Matthews
Cerys Matthews has drawn inspiration from her family home in naming her first child.

The singer and her husband have settled on the name Glenys Pearl y-Felin for their new daughter.

The name Glenys is an elaboration of the Welsh word glan meaning pure or holy.

Glenys and Pearl are longstanding names in the Matthews' household.

The y-Felin part of her name refers to the mill where her parents live in the small Pembrokeshire village of Trefin.

The mill inspired the late Archdruid Crwys to write one of the most famous poems in the Welsh Language - Melin Trefin.

It came 21st in a recent BBC Wales On-Line poll of Welsh-speakers' favourite poems.

It ceased operation in 1918 and the ruin is maintained by the Pembrokeshire National Park Authority.

It was to Trefin that Cerys retreated with her husband, record producer Seth Riddle, during the final weeks of her pregnancy and where the new arrival was taken after leaving Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest.

The baby was born on the afternoon of 10 August weighing in at 6lb 12oz.

Family and friends were said to be delighted.

Matthews and her husband wed in a chapel in Trefin in February this year.

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