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Rocky's pub fight tribute
Rocky Marciano
It is thought Marciano was taunted for not drinking alcohol
A pub landlady has named her new bar after boxing legend Rocky Marciano, because he won one of his first fights there during a brawl.

The Adelphi pub in Swansea is opening an upstairs bar called Marciano's in tribute to the champion.

The heavyweight fighter, who was stationed in Wales as a GI during World War II, got involved in a fight with an Australian serviceman at the pub.

It is believed the Australian taunted the young boxer for not drinking alcohol and Marciano responded by knocking him flat out.

Now the refurbished Adelphi, in Swansea's Wind Street, has been decorated with pictures of the boxer.

Landlady Norma Grey said: "When I took over three years ago some of the regulars started talking about the time Rocky Marciano delivered a knock-out here and an old customer came in with picture of him."

In an interview about the fight, Marciano told a reporter: "The Aussie finished up in his warm beer.

"The pub was called Adelphi - I wrote the name down just in case the Aussie had anything to say about the matter."

Marciano took up boxing after the war, and finished his career as undefeated world champion.

Regarded as one of the greatest ever fighters, Marchiano died in a plane crash in 1969, aged 46.

  • In Merthyr Tydfil, there is a pub called The Matchstick Man in tribute to the late bantam weight Johnny Owen, who died aged 24 after being knocked out during a world title fight in 1980.

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