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Cartoon views of poet Dylan
The caricature by Gerald Scarfe
The caricature by Gerald Scarfe
Dylan Thomas fans can see the poet as he has never been portrayed before.

A new exhibition of original caricatures and cartoons on cigarette packets, table clothes and scraps of paper opens in Swansea on Tuesday.

With the 50th anniversary of Thomas' death approaching in November it is one of many celebratory events being staged in south west Wales.

The woman who will co-ordinate activities in Carmarthenshire has just been appointed by the county council.

Worldwide plaudits

Meanwhile, the authority has also extended the deadline for applications for grants for organisations celebrating the poet's life.

A sketch by Thomas' friend Mervyn Levy
A sketch by Thomas' friend Mervyn Levy

The exhibition at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea's Maritime Quarter features work by a variety artists and people who knew the writer well.

Pride of place is given to Gerald Scarfe's original caricatures of Thomas, which received worldwide plaudits when it was reproduced on the front of the Dylan Thomas Celebration 2002 brochure.

There are also interpretations by artists Ralph Steadman, David Low and Jules Feiffer - displayed alongside images created by some of those who were closest to Thomas, from Fred Janes and Wynford Vaughan Thomas to his wife Caitlin and Liz Reitell.

Centre curator Jeff Towns said: "We are very excited about this exhibition of impromptu sketches scribbled on table cloths, fag packets and scraps of paper, as they have never been put together as a complete exhibition before."

The exhibition runs until May 4 and is open from 1000 BST to 1630 BST, Tuesday to Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays.

Priority list

Carmarthenshire Council has already handed out more than 10,000 and has 5,000 left for organisations who want to do their bit to mark this year's anniversary.

The scheme is being overseen by Marion Morris who has just taken up her post as arts development officer for the county.

Marion Morris
Arts development officer Marion Morris

The mother-of-two is a familiar face in west Wales, having spent the past 22 years as an arts development officer at the Arts Council of Wales' Carmarthen base.

"The promotion of Dylan Thomas to mark the 50th anniversary of his death is on top of the priority list this year," she said.

"I will be working to raise awareness of these Dylan Thomas related projects.

"There is a huge level of support offered to groups by the council and I am concerned that they do not know about it.

"I will be working very closely with the Carmarthenshire Arts Forum and developing the relationship between the group and the authority."

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