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Fans' dilemma over play-off
The Vetch
Cardiff fans sent good luck messages to the Vetch at the end of the season
Cardiff's big match on Sunday will be closely followed in Swansea although not everyone will be cheering for the Bluebirds.

The Swans are wishing Cardiff all the best but not all soccer fans in the city will be doing the same.

There is a feeling that if Cardiff beat QPR in the play-off final at the Millennium Stadium and win promotion to Division One it will be good for football in Wales and the Welsh national team.

But there is a long standing rivalry between Swansea and Cardiff fans and derby matches between them are among the most passionate.

A lot of people in Swansea will not be supporting Cardiff on Sunday and I find that it very sad
Writer, broadcaster and football fan Peter Stead

Vetch field regular Glen Donnachie said: "I think there's a feeling it would be good for football in Wales if Cardiff won and it would also give Swansea something to aim to try and keep up with."

He said the Swans received various messages of support from Cardiff fans prior to their final game of the season which they won to retain football league status.


"That was appreciated at the time," he added.

"There is a feeling that we should be supporting them."

Swansea City FC said the club wished Cardiff all the best.

"It's a big game for Cardiff and for the sake of Welsh football in general we want them to do well," said a spokesman.

"Hopefully we will be joining them soon."

A few Swans fans have posted good luck messages on the various Cardiff City supporters websites.

The Millennium Stadium
Sunday's game is being played at the Millennium Stadium

But Mr Donnachie, who writes the Vetch Verdict for the South West Wales Where I Live website said most would probably support QPR.

He said: "Realistically there is some jealousy because Cardiff are seen to have more money and the backing of Sam Hamman.

"There is talk of quite a few people going to the pubs in Swansea where the game is being shown and I think most of them will be supporting QPR."

Intense rivalry

Swansea-based writer, broadcaster and football fan Peter Stead was brought up in Barry, a few miles from Cardiff, and he supports both teams.

He said the first time he realised there was such rivalry was on a visit to the Vetch in 1957 when it was announced during the game that Cardiff had been relegated to Division Two.

"There was a loud cheer and I was shocked," he said.

Mr Stead believes the rivalry has become more intense over the years.

"There is feeling in Swansea that Cardiff gets everything - the Millennium Stadium, The Millennium Centre and Glamorgan Cricket Club," he added.

"A lot of people in Swansea will not be supporting Cardiff on Sunday and I find that very sad."

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