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Gaffes stub out minister's career

Rhodri Glyn Thomas correcting his mistake
Mr Thomas read out the wrong name at the Wales Book of the Year awards

Rhodri Glyn Thomas is considered to be one of the more flamboyant and colourful characters in the Welsh assembly.

The 55-year-old Welsh speaker - who is a minister of religion as well as a former minister in the Welsh Assembly Government - was the only politician at Cardiff Bay to pose nude for a charity calendar in 2004.

He has served as Plaid Cymru AM for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr since the first election for the Welsh assembly 1999.

Born in Wrexham, he is a former chairman of CND Cymru and a former Welsh spokesperson for the Forum of Private Business.

He became a minister in the Welsh Assembly Government when Labour and his party formed a coalition after the assembly election a year ago.

He and two party colleagues, Ieuan Wyn Jones and Elin Jones, became the first Plaid ministers in the party's history when they joined Labour in the cabinet.

Wrong name

But his tenure has not been without mistakes. Perhaps the most excruciating one was at the Wales Book of the Year awards two weeks ago.

It was his job to read out the winner and runners-up, which he did successfully for the Welsh-language prize. But when it came to the English-language prize, he called forward the wrong person.

As author Tom Bullough made his way to towards the stage, Mr Thomas had to halt the proceedings and apologise for his error.

That blunder received national and international media attention.

According to BBC Wales Welsh Affairs Editor, Vaughan Roderick, another little gaffe just after that appears to have been the straw that broke the camel's back.


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