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Student's bone marrow clinic plea

Matt Carver
Matt Carver hopes to resume his studies in Oxford later next year

A school is hosting a clinic for a former pupil who is in urgent need of a bone marrow donor.

Matt Carver, 22, from Newport, has been diagnosed with leukaemia, and Gaer Junior School and a cancer charity are appealing for donors.

The Oxford student said former pupils had contacted him saying they intended to go along, taking colleagues and friends along with them.

The clinic at the school will be open between 1600 and 1900 BST.

"When I was diagnosed, the world collapsed from under my feet," he said.

But he did not feel unwell when he found out he had acute myloid leukaemia in January.


His mother and fiancÚ noticed he had numerous bruises on his leg and he had a cut on his hand which would not stop bleeding.

His doctor thought there might be a problem with the coagulation of his blood, but following tests he was diagnosed with cancer.

He has recently finished his second course of chemotherapy at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Providing a donor can be found, doctors are hopeful of carrying out a bone marrow transplant in May or June.

He then hopes he can resume his masters in medieval history at Brasenose College later next year.


The idea for the school clinic came from his family and friends.

"It's so touching people care that much," he said.

"People from school that I haven't seen for four years have been calling to say they're going along and taking colleagues and friends."

The clinic will be run by The Anthony Nolan Trust, and Caroline Berger from the charity urged young people to join the donor register.

"The bigger the register, the better chance everyone has of finding a match," she said.

"There are currently 16,000 people worldwide searching for a life-saving donor."

The trust is responsible for finding matches for all UK patients in need of bone marrow transplants.

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