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Last Updated: Monday, 18 February 2008, 13:49 GMT
Logo aims to ditch 'stereotype'
The logo
The colours represent the city's waterfront and parks
A new logo has been unveiled to market Cardiff on the international stage, aimed at ditching the "stereotype" of daffodils and dragons.

Promoters say the brand, made-up of multi-coloured discs encircling the city's name, will mark Cardiff out as a "progressive" place to live and visit.

The £45,000 design was revealed to an audience of politicians and business leaders at the Wales Millennium Centre.

Cardiff & Co said it was a brand people in the city would be proud of.

The public-private body that promotes the city said it had cost £45,000 to develop, launch and incorporate into its marketing.

The colours of the logo, the city's first, are meant to represent the colours of the city, including the waterfront and parks.

But some readers of the BBC News website have likened it to a "spilled bag of tiddlywinks", Smarties, the old BT logo or a dial from an old fashioned telephone.

Chairman Bill Savage said it would help Cardiff stand out from other capital cities.

"We are confident that we have created a distinctive brand for Cardiff that has the potential to give the Welsh capital a competitive advantage that will stand out on the world stage.

"The place brand is a banner under which the city can rally to spread our message to the world - our ambitious, young capital can compete with the great cities of the world as a place to live, work, visit, invest and study.

"The brand has been developed after extensive research and consultation to ensure that it is a tool which the people of Cardiff will be proud to use."

We asked you what you thought of Cardiff's new logo and here are a selection of your comments. Thanks for all the replies.

It looks like the dial from an old analogue telephone - hardly the 'ambitious' & 'young' image that Cardiff wants to project!?
AH, Herts, UK

The only thing this logo is missing is the letters Plc. It looks like a bland corporate logo. If we must 'brand' the place we live, then something with a bit more life to it would be nice. Something which actually links the logo to the place it's meant to represent would be even better.
AW, Cardiff, Wales

Typical, the English 'Cardiff' is inside the circle and part of the team and the Welsh 'Caerdydd' is outside in the cold as an unwelcome addition or afterthought ie a token bit of Welshness as usual.
JJW, Somersham, England

Dear Oh Dear! 8 chocolate Smarties! I'll stick with Daffodils & Dragons.
Julian, Newport Wales

Right... Okay, so they have left out our national symbols. And this is supposed to be the Capitol of our nation, can someone please explain this. What a waste of cash. And could Welsh be first please Diolch.
Stiwart Edwards, Oxford

Looking at that... I think daffodils and dragons would have been a good idea!
Louis Fellows, Penarth, Vale of Glam.

I'm afraid I don't like the new brand at all. It leaves alot of questions unanswered, what was the reasoning behind the typefaces used?, and more importantly why the shape? I don't see that it reflects Cardiff at all. You could change the text and add any city name. It's quite an anonymous brand which does nothing to put Cardiff in a new positive light.
Robin, Cardiff, Wales

That logo says absolutely nothing about Cardiff. What a waste of money.
Amanda, Cardiff

It would have been great to see a theme that reflected the sea; the hills; the new skyline but this just reminds me of an old BT logo. For a much smaller fee, I'm sure the local nursery schools could have come up with something better.
Stephen Davies, Ebbw Vale, Wales

I am saddened to see this old logo mark being recycled yet again. As a designer I can let you know that this design and variations of it (dots in a perspective circle) have been used (and rejected by the more design savvy client) over and over again over the last 10-15 years.
Sara, London

What's wrong with daffodils and dragons? The article says that these are already associated with Cardiff then it already has a 'logo' which is recognised! The money would be better spent on the Health Service or Education to name just a few.
A M Hunt, Swansea, Wales

I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's a nice, clean, fresh logo. With regards to the comment of putting Caerdydd first and Cardiff below... is this logo not supposed to be one that is used attracting foreign investment and promoting our city abroad? all Welsh road signs are written in both languages but with the one that is understood by the majority of people appearing first. I think it's a nice contemporary look. For the purposes that it was designed for - I think it's acheived it's goal. It's not supposed to be a rugby or football team logo is it now?!
marc, Cardiff

But surely Cardiff has just got a new logo - you can see it by clicking onto
Sean Robertson, London

"Extensive research and consultation"? Whom do these people actually go and ask? Is this the decade for bland, meaningless logos (such as the London Olympics one)? Personally I think it's just the designers getting bored with designing to what people like and recognise. I *really* doubt that the general population was consulted in a meaningful way. The city, waterfront and parks indeed, it's spilled bag of tiddlywinks.
F, Glasgow

Bland, boring, unimaginative, predictable - looks like a failed art student designed it in 5 minutes! Why English inside and Welsh outside? Looks and sounds like a lot of post rationalization and marketing mumbo jumbo to me. Another missed opportunity - maybe the same people who designed our SHOCKING olympics logo did this one too!!!!!!!!!!
Dyfed Richards, USA

The new logo isn't especially /bad/, but it doesn't help Cardiff stand out from dozens of other cities; it might've looked original ten years ago, but that font and style is pretty ubiquitous these days. Yes, daffodils and dragons might be stereotypes, but they're also an established and recognisable brand...
TI, London

That really have tested some of the greatest minds in logo design. It looks more like the Logo for a paint manufacturer or a printing company. Besides the way Cardiff is looking at the moment I think scaffolding would be more indicative of its "progressive" nature than coloured disks! Yes I am sure residents of Cardiff will feel their pride swell at the mere sight of that completely irrelevant piece of art work.
Alex, Swansea

I really hope this is a joke. Absolutely rubbish. I can't think of anything good to say about it at all. And people complained that the Olympic symbol was bad... poor Cardiff!
Dan, Swansea and London

Cardiff, Caerdydd - so good they named it twice?
Michael Sandy, Swansea, Wales

I think this logo is pretty good. The London Olympics logo is very clever because now everyone recognises it and this one may go the same way. It's best to steer clear of dragons and daffodils, they are so over-used.
RAndrews, Cardiff, Wales

What have smarties got to do with Cardiff?
Clare, Cardiff

I haven't Seen any pink & purple parks in cardiff lately? Awful Logo, so plain & boring!
Andrew Tilley, Cogan, Vale of Glamorgan

Is somebody pulling my leg? The council paid an agency £45,000 to write "Cardiff" in a free stock font, then draw some circles!? This should have gone out as a public competition - let the people of Cardiff propose some ideas, then vote on it - at least we could then feel some ownership for it. What (another) waste of my taxes!
Rob V, Cardiff

Good thing the BBC reminded me it was April the 1st with this story as it has to be an April Fool's prank! Very funny......err, hang on. It's Fabruary! What in the world is up with these Marketing logos? They didn't get the London Olympics right, now they get this wrong. How is this in the least bit individual to Cardiff, or indeed Wales. Likely this was created by an England-based marketing company that have never been to Wales and thus don't appreciate how much we are proud of our national symbols. Next they'll be changing the symbols on our Welsh Rugby shirts to smilies!?!
Stephen, Caerphilly

I don't consider daffodils and dragons to be sterotypes, but it should be regarded as a part of our national heritage that we should be proud of. Claiming it to be a sterotype is just a poor excuse to just unveil a highly uncreative logo that is just a waste of money.
Anthony , Cardiff

Cardiff entertainers take to the streets of London to celebrate the launch of Cardiff's first ever city place brand
The logo was also launched in London

My ten year old daughter could have made a better logo for a couple of pounds pocket money, what a waste of public money and it looks like wales is following england in ditching anything to do with national identity, what next the welsh rugby team wearing muti coloured shirts? looks like the politically correct gang have won again.
Dale, Chester

Utter, utter bobbins.
Phil Jones, Warszawa, Polska.

I like the logo. It's very modern. The national symbols of Daffodils and Dragons are made up symbols from the 1950's and 60's when Wales was trying to come with ideas for a National Flag. They ignored the Cross of St. David and went for a Dragon!! Welcome Cardiff to the 21st Century. Creaso.
Bill Williams, London formerly Barry Vale of Glamorgan

£45,000 for what? A bland, boring logo which says nothing whatsoever about Cardiff. What's it supposed to mean? It's also very dated and not, the image Cardiff would want to portray. Bill Savage is labouring under a huge misapprehension if he thinks this will do anything to make Cardiff stand out - except as a laughing stock perhaps. I attend & exhibit at various events aimed at getting conferences and visitors into the UK - I won't want to be anywhere near the Cardiff stand when this one goes live!
Liz Gardiner, Caerwent, Monmouthshire

Daffodils and dragons may be a stereotype, but it's a well loved stereotype and one people are generally proud of! That new logo is DULL DULL DULL - not the impression we want to be giving of Cardiff!! £45K?! What a joke!!
ClareH, Caaaaaaardiff

It looks like the logo for some management consultancy or something. Whats wrong with the Welsh dragon? I'm not Welsh but I'd be annoyed if someone had spent 40,000 of my money on that rubbish. A picture of Tom Jones waving a leek would be preferable to something off a cheap business card.
Jonathan Shields, Brentwood, Essex

As a bilingual graphic designer, my only observations on the new Cardiff/Caerdydd logo are: Why is 'Caerdydd' outside the circle of dots? It just looks like it has been added-on and the Welsh aspects of the capital are not important. Is Cardiff's Welsh language policy English first or Welsh first?
Dewi, Rhuddlan

Maybe this is a brave new look at Cardiff, but if it is, is it telling us that the city is full of uniform, bland people with no imagination?

Stereotypes are the very best form of advertising there is - just ask the Irish Leprechauns and the Kilted Jocks - and Cardiff is the home of the legendary pastel coloured dots?
Oli Rhys, Flintshire

Looking at other cities logos from around Europe, this one is fresh, clean and different. It says that the city is young and vibrant and not stuck in the past by using the sterotypical daffs and dragon.
Bob, Cardiff

I like it....
David Hawes, Aberystwyth (work in Cardiff)

Reminiscent of the BT logo from the 1980s - and not in a good way. This says nothing about Cardiff and nothing about Wales. Anyone who knows anything about the power of brand, knows that recognition of that brand and its values is key to success. Dragons and daffodils may be traditional but people associate them with Wales. I find it very hard to believe that there is not a progressive, modern marketing company out there able to give a modern twist to these traditional images. It's as if they are ashamed of the Welsh heritage (or sterotype as they call it) which takes us backwards and not forwards in promoting Wales as a modern, cosmopolitan city. We should not be ashamed of our heritage, we should celebrate it. Wales has an identity, why are they trying to whitewash it behind a bland logo?
Kirstie, Bristol

What a lot of pointless twaddle! What is it with councillors and the "need to move away from stereotypes"? Are they so embarrassed by our national identity they feel the need to jump into bed with a 'logo' for a telecoms company? EMBRACE heritage! People will respect you far more!
Owen Williams, Grangetown, Cardiff

Nice logo, very late sixties/early seventies. In fact, very Twiggy...
Maurice, Llanelli

There is a graphic designer somewhere, who is laughing so hard they will probably need to see a doctor on the way to the bank. £45,000.00 will get you a good doctor. It¿s also a comfortable fee for any ones Friday afternoons work. ¿Chairman Bill Savage said it would help Cardiff stand out from other capital cities.¿ ¿Yes it will Bill, when the citizens walk the streets with their faces dressed in disappointment.
James, Pontypridd,

It reminds me of the time British Airways decided to remove the ¿British¿ element from its logo and livery and replace it with a so called more international look, only to find out that most of their customers chose British Airways because of its "Britishness". One of Cardiff¿s unique selling points is that it is the capital of Wales. Why replace something reflecting a great national heritage and unique culture with a bland corporate logo? Congratulations to the marketing agency that was able to convince Cardiff¿s senior executives to do this!
Stuart, Munich, Germany

Thank you for cheering up my Monday. It always makes me laugh when people start exalting the graphic design expertise of their children on these stories!
Tim, Cardiff

I don't see why cities and areas can't use their coats of arms as a nice distinctive way of showing their history, heritage and nobility. This can always be accompanied by a smart typeface for the name - look at how nicely this works for Wolverhampton - certainly better than soe non-descript corporate logo
Philip Tibbetts, Halesowen, Black Country

Dragons and Daffodils rock. This logo looks horrifically dated, and it's supposed to be brand new? Money would have been much better spent on daffodil bulbs and dragon repellent.
LAura Humphreys, Cardiff

Great. We've just spent the last 10 years trying to get our national identity "back" from England for it to be shunned as not being "cool" enough. You could get more inspiration from a pavement pancake and it wouldn't cost anywhere near £45'000!
Jules, Newport, S.Wales

Logo used by Greek ministry of ourism
Billy Davies said the logo is similar to one used by Greek tourism

Oh for God's sake, it's not THAT bad! Some of the responses on here show that some people need to get a life instead of falling over themselves in derision whenever a 'company X/ city Y gets new logo' story appears on BBC News Online. Pathetic!
Matt, Nottingham

What a complete and utter waste of time and money. I am struggling to understand why this so called "design" cost so much! It looks like it was cobbled together in a coffee break, and if it didnt say cardiff in the logo it could be for absolutely anything, from a tv channel ident to product logo for constipation. Absoulte rubbish! Can i have a refund please?
Shane, cardiff

We are not being twinned with Greece are we, the logos are far too similar.
Billy Davies, Caernarfon and at the moment Lisbon

We have the Millenium Stadium, the Millenium Centre, the Senydd and Cardiff Bay and they think that coloured dots and plain text sums up Cardiff! Anyone who had actually visited Cardiff and studied the key locations would certainly have been inspired to incorporate one of the above into their design. I would question the consultation process?!
Sarah, cardiff

Do cities really need to have logos? Is there any research to show that having a logo encourages investment, tourism, etc.? Or does branding a city just create work for people who wouldn't otherwise have very much to do? I think this design DOES look very corporate, but then again, everything these days is a brand. I liked it better when cities were just cities (and music was just music) before irritating people with marketing degrees spoiled everything.
Richard, London

People in Cardiff voice their views on the logo


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