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Last Updated: Friday, 4 January 2008, 07:10 GMT
Firemen fill tank for 17k fish
Koi Fish
The fish can grow up to 36ins long
Firefighters went to the rescue to save 32 valuable fish after their tank sprang a leak.

The Koi carp - worth 17,000 - were running out of water when owner Jim Senior called the fire brigade.

They arrived at Jim's home in Sully, near Cardiff, and used a high-pressure hose to rapidly fill the tank.

Jim said: "It was a matter of life or death - the tank was almost empty. The carp were flapping around in the bottom."

He went on: "I tried to fill the tank with my garden hose but it just wasn't fast enough. Luckily the firemen arrived and saved my precious fish in the nick of time."

The firefighters had to make two further visits to refill the tank until the leak was repaired.

Firefighter Philip Whitfield said: "Normally we charge for this type of service but in this instance lives were at risk. We were happy to help."

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