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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 October 2007, 16:42 GMT 17:42 UK
Road sign clutter removal starts
Several road signs (generic)
A sign of the times - Caerphilly council is to 'de-clutter' its highways
A thousand road signs are to be taken down in a south Wales county because they are considered "unnecessary".

Caerphilly council has pledged to take down the signs as part of a declutter of its roads.

By the end of March, roads particularly in rural communities and around historic locations such as Caerphilly Castle, will have some signs removed.

Last year, the RAC Foundation said too many road signs could cause accidents because of an overload of information.

A 'clutter audit' has been carried out by Caerphilly council which has identified 1,000 road signs which are not necessary and work is underway to begin removing them.

A spokesman for the council said, the aim was not to endanger road users by taking down signs, but to remove those which are not needed.

Caerphilly council's director of the environment, Anthony O'Sullivan said: "The council recognises the need to address this issue and has set itself an ambitious target to remove a large swathe of these signs.

"Taking this action will help improve highway safety as well as enhancing the visual amenity of the area."

The removed signs will either be scrapped or recycled, said a council spokesman.


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