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Last Updated: Friday, 20 July 2007, 17:44 GMT 18:44 UK
Schools evacuated in flash floods
Floods at St Richard Gwyn High School, Barry
Children were sent home early from St Richard Gwyn High School, Barry
Floods have forced three school evacuations and the rescue of three people trapped on the first floor of a building in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

Pupils were sent home from St Richard Gwyn High School after a stream burst its banks and two primaries, Oakfield and Gwaun y Nant, were also flooded.

Fire crews launched a dinghy to reach three people in flats, and one man became trapped in his car.

A heavy rain warning remained in force for mid and north Wales.

A pedestrian in a flooded street in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan
It's like a river running down the road, it's been absolutely torrential
Gladstone Road resident

The trapped people were in a building at the junction of Vere Street, Cardiff Road, Western Hill and Gladstone Road in Barry.

Mike Clinch, head teacher of St Richard Gwyn High School, said it was the fourth time the school had been flooded in the 10 years he has been there.

He said the water, which included sewage, came in so quickly they could not react fast enough.

It was the last day of term, and Mr Clinch said it had caused so much damage staff would have to go back in next week to help clear up.

There was also flooding in nearby Dinas Powys, with knee-deep water near Brookside, close to the Murchfield Community Association.

Flooding in Barry
Part of the flooding in Barry was caused by blocked drains

Firefighters helped 200 pupils out of Oakfield primary and nursery as water reached knee high. The damage is thought to run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Kate Long, venue manager at Barry Memorial Hall and Theatre on Gladstone Road, said they also had had to call in firefighters.

"We have had a barrage of rain on the roof and the pressure has meant we have had several leaks," she said.

"And we had a major leak coming through one of the fire doors, so we had the fire service out to check we could block it legally."

Another resident said: "It's like a river running down the road, it's been absolutely torrential."

Alan Osborne, steward of Cadoxton Conservative Club in Vere Street, said its cellar was flooded with up to 18in (45cm).

Thompson Street in Barry
Some cars were stranded on the town's Thompson Street

Mr Osborne said there was also about 2ft (60cm) of water in the street and a couple of inches in the club itself.

A South Wales Police spokesman said Gladstone Road had been closed because it became impassable.

"The fire brigade have been on the scene pumping out properties and helping people who were stuck inside. But from the point of view of the police this is a traffic issue above all."

There were also reports of two cats drowning after water flooded the Maximum Exposure tanning salon in the town.

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