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Last Updated: Friday, 15 June 2007, 14:58 GMT 15:58 UK
Duck nests at pub watering hole
Daisy the duck
The duck has laid nine eggs in the window box nest
Ducking out for a quick pint has taken on a new meaning for regulars of a Cardiff city centre pub after a female mallard set up home in a window box.

Staff at the City Arms were amazed to spot the duck, nicknamed Daisy, in the first-floor window box.

The wild duck had made a nest and laid nine eggs among the plants.

The pub, opposite the Millennium Stadium, is close to the River Taff and experts say Daisy and her ducklings will move off shortly after hatching.

Barmaid Alyson Garland said she first noticed her last week flying back and forth from the window to the car park.

"I went up and looked out the window and I could see her eggs," she told the South Wales Echo.

"I know it's a mallard. I've got ducks which my son Scott brought home, but they are white and not the wild ducks like this.

"I've got pictures of her on my phone and I've been showing the regulars, who think I'm nuts.

"But I think she's lovely and I look forward to coming to work. I hope I'm here when the eggs start hatching."

Judith Haw of the RSPCA, said: "I've had a call previously about a duck laying eggs in a hanging basket.

"Apparently they do go to lay their eggs in strange places.

"The obvious advice is not to move them at present. I've been advised by our wildlife department that the duck and chicks move off quite quickly once the last one has hatched.

"In circumstances like this, they should call us as soon as possible after all the eggs have hatched so we can give them a safe passage to water."

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