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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 May 2007, 14:20 GMT 15:20 UK
Doctor Who lands at flower show
Design of the Doctor Who garden
The garden will be separated into two halves
The Tardis has touched down at the Chelsea Flower Show with a display on a Doctor Who theme.

The Doctor Who garden is being shown by Cardiff Council at the annual flower show in London.

Its design aims to show changing fashions in gardens with one half based on the 1960s when the show was first aired and the other in the present day.

Cardiff Council said "A Garden in Time" was decided on after recent series of the BBC show were filmed in the city.

It has been awarded a Silver Gilt Award by organisers.

A spokesman said: "One half of the site shows a typical 1960s urban garden, reflecting the era when Doctor Who first came to our screens.

"The design recreates the straight paths and borders which were prevalent in gardens of this period and features shrubs, flowers and a vegetable area.

The Tardis in Cardiff council's Chelsea Flower Show entry
The garden was unveiled at Chelsea on Monday

"In contrast, the 2007 garden features modern ideas and styles which are now easy to create and feature in many modern urban gardens, with different planting styles, a water feature and a more relaxed outdoor environment."

Mo Dorken, a landscape architect working on the project added: "Between the two gardens, we've got a life-size tardis complete with lights and sound.

"We were able to get a license to use it and staff at the BBC made us a Tardis to go with the garden.

"And we've also got shards surrounding it which are meant to represent time."

The team began their quest for plants dating back 40 years in the autumn.

They began preparing their idea of the Doctor Who garden after an invite from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to take part.

The 10m x 10m exhibit will feature in the Great Pavilion when the show opens to the public on Tuesday.

"The Queen will be shown around the show on Monday and then we've got until about lunchtime the next day to make sure everything is perfect," said Ms Dorken.

"I don't think there are going to be many Doctor Who fans at the show but I think there will still be a lot of interest."

"I woudn't have missed it for the world"


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