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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 February 2007, 15:40 GMT
Fear over false paedophile claims
Michael Jones Photo: South Wales Echo/PA
Micheal Jones thinks the leaflet might be the result of a grudge
A father has spoken of how he is trying to clear his name after being falsely labelled a paedophile.

A leaflet sent to neighbours wrongly claims care home worker Michael Jones, 42, from Porthcawl, is being investigated for assaulting a child.

South Wales Police confirmed that the allegations are false and said they have launched an investigation to find out who is sending the leaflets.

Mr Jones has said he is worried about the effect on his family.

He has already had to explain the situation to his 15-year-old son and he is concerned the worry will make his elderly parents ill.

He said: "It's really affected my family, and myself.

"We think it's someone local bearing a grudge, but it's just a strange thing to do. Hopefully the police will be able to uncover something."

There is no evidence to suggest there is any truth in these allegations
Acting Inspector Andy Harris

The leaflet claims he is being investigated for the sexual assault of a six-year-old girl in Bridgend.

Officers have now stepped up patrols around the Jones' home and are carrying out forensic tests on the pamphlets.

Acting Inspector Andy Harris, of Porthcawl police station, said: "There is no evidence to suggest there is any truth in these allegations. The allegations are being investigated as a criminal matter."

'Be vigilant'

The leaflet, printed on white A4 paper, came to the police's attention when two neighbours handed copies over to them.

It includes information about Mr Jones's appearance, address and car details.

But it contains a wrong date of birth and middle name for him.

The leaflet warns: "Should you see this vehicle parked outside your house or school please be vigilant or even contact the police.

I have done nothing wrong, but I am worried people will think the worst
Michael Jones

"We want to make you aware your children could be in danger. Until the law is changed in this country, we have to protect our children, your children and all children."

It is signed Antimatter - a group which has accused men of being paedophiles in other areas of the UK.

However, Insp Harris said he was not certain if the group is behind the letters, or if someone is using their name.

Mr Jones told the South Wales Echo: "I have done nothing wrong, but I am worried people will think the worst.

"It's just unbelievable. It's like a bad dream."

Police have urged anyone who has received a leaflet to hand it in to their nearest police station.

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