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Last Updated: Monday, 27 November 2006, 14:26 GMT
Bellamy 'accused Pc of jealousy'
Craig Bellamy outside court
The Wales and Liverpool striker denies assaulting the two women
Footballer Craig Bellamy swore at a policeman and accused him of jealousy during questioning over an alleged nightclub assault, a court has heard.

The Liverpool and Wales striker is accused of assaulting Sophie Palmer and Holly Smith at a Cardiff nightclub.

Pc Jason Webb told Cardiff magistrates the player was "quite intoxicated" and claimed the officer was "jealous of me because of my fame".

The Cardiff-born 27-year-old denies two counts of common assault.

Pc Webb was called to the Number 10 nightclub in the early hours of 5 February and told the court he asked the player to get into a police van to be questioned.

Pc Webb said: "I would say he was quite intoxicated. His eyes were glazed and his speech was all right but it was the manner he spoke to me which gave me greatest concern."

Franklin Lynch
Franklin Lynch said Craig Bellamy often attracted attention when out

The officer said after the player swore at him, he asked him to calm down. He said he did for a time but then began swearing again.

John Charles Rees, defending, asked Pc Webb if his client had been upset because people were trying to take photographs of him while he was in the van.

Pc Webb said he had not seen anyone trying to take photographs.

The court then heard from the nightclub's owner, Giovanni Malacrino, who said he had to ask one of the alleged victims, Sophie Palmer, to leave the club's VIP area twice that evening before she complained about being assaulted.

He told the court that the first time he asked Ms Palmer, 20, to leave, she was talking about her new breast implants.

Mr Malacrino said Ms Palmer, who previously worked at the nightclub, was being a "pain".

'Abusing authority'

He added: "She had just had her breast implants put in and she was telling everybody about it.

"She was very giggly and had had a few to drink. Frankly, she was becoming a pain in the backside.

"She was acting as though she could go anywhere she liked in the club and she was abusing the little authority she had."

The player is accused of grabbing Ms Palmer by the throat and grabbing Ms Smith's arm and pushing her into a wall.

The footballer's friend, Franklyn Lynch, 52, is charged with assaulting Ms Palmer - a charge he denies.

'Wagging finger'

Mr Lynch, from Barry, told magistrates that Ms Palmer had been the aggressor.

He said: "When they passed in the corridor, words were exchanged and she slapped him [Mr Bellamy] in the face.

"She was very annoyed, shouting and screaming at him.

"Craig always seems to attract attention and sometimes people really get in his face. She was wagging her finger at him before she slapped him.

"I've seen girls do it before. When girls don't get the attention they are after and have had a few to drink, they lash out."

The trial continues.

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