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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 07:08 GMT
Filmmaker uses web to catch stars
Tony Lane and Ken Russell
Director Ken Russell throws his weight behind Tony Lane's film
A film student hopes the internet will help to attract big names for his low-budget spoof horror movie called Attack of the Not Quite Dead.

Tony Lane, 28, who is studying at Newport's International Film School Wales, has set up a website, Indywood, to showcase independent filmmakers.

He says he has interested independent directors and special effects artists who worked on Hollywood blockbusters.

Veteran director Ken Russell has agreed to be an executive producer.

It's just amazing, a nobody from the UK getting established Hollywood names on his indy film
Tony Lane

Mr Lane, who wants to make his 90-minute film on a 20,000 budget, said: "I set up this project with the aim of promoting independent filmmakers worldwide via a website which would showcase their work.

"The project has evolved very quickly with over 3,000 people contacting me from all over the world - 80% of them filmmakers and actors, with offers of help from many supporters of independent filmmaking.

"Now a number of well-known actors are e-mailing me, eager to be part of the project."

He claimed to be in e-mail contact with actor and producer Danny DeVito, and voiced hopes that Johnny Depp - "a big supporter of independent films" - might play a small role in the film.

"It's just amazing, a nobody from the UK getting established Hollywood names on his indy film," he said.

Special effects

The film, a black comedy-horror to be filmed on location in Wales, hopes to repeat the success of The Blair Witch Project, a low-budget feature which became a cult hit.

So far, he says he has the backing of American independent director JR Bookwalter and special effects artist Rich Knight who has worked on The X-Files, X-Men 3 and Posedion.

Mr Knight said: "Indywood represents the future of independent film.

"It's a great resource for indy filmmakers all over the world to showcase their work directly to the people that matter the most - the fans."

Mr Knight has agreed to waive his Hollywood fee and do the special effects for for free and will also play one of the leading roles in the film, which will be shot in Brecon next year.

Ken Russell, best known for directing films such Women in Love and Tommy, said: "Tony deserves all the support he can get for using the internet as a method of bringing together independent filmmaking talent from all over the world.

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