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Last Updated: Monday, 30 October 2006, 15:23 GMT
Burger bar lotto couple quit work
The couple at work biting into a burger
The couple celebrated their win in July with a burger
A couple who had pledged to carry on working together at McDonald's after scooping a 1.3m National Lottery fortune in July have quit their jobs.

Luke Pittard and fiancee Emma Cox, from Cardiff, had returned to work at the burger chain after a two-month holiday.

"To be honest it wasn't so much fun anymore," admitted Mr Pittard, 23.

"We said we would keep our jobs but there's no point earning 6 an hour when you have more than 1m sitting in the bank."

Instead, the couple, from the Pontprennau area, say they are spending "quality time" with their two-year-old daughter Chloe.

Ms Cox was earning 16,000-a-year as an area manager with Mr Pittard picking up 12,000-a-year as a staff trainer before the win in July.

Mr Pittard said: "Being at home with Chloe is the best thing to have come out of winning the lottery.

Luke Pittard, daughter Chloe and fiancee Emma Cox
Both of us know we've been really lucky and we're not going to blow it
Luke Pittard

"We might both start to look for part-time jobs after Christmas but at the moment we are loving being mum and dad to Chloe."

Before the win the couple could not afford to live together and stayed three miles apart with their respective parents.

But they now rent a luxury 300,000 home while they plan their future, including a quiet wedding next year.

Mr Pittard said: "People expected us to blow the cash on fancy stuff, but that's not our style.

"There no point getting a mansion - the three of us would rattle around in it.

"And there's definitely no point in getting a flash car because I can't drive. We're just being sensible."

But the pair have splashed out on one house - a Wendy house for their daughter. Luke said: "We bought it for the garden but it's so nice we've put it in her room instead.

"Emma has become a bit of a shopaholic - she's bought the entire contents of Next since we won!

"I love seeing her face when she comes home with bags of shopping. She's so delighted.

"But both of us know we've been really lucky and we're not going to blow it. We keep our feet on the ground."


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