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Last Updated: Saturday, 19 August 2006, 08:25 GMT 09:25 UK
'Oldest record shop' up for sale
Spillers Record shop
Henry Spiller opened up to get into this "new-fangled invention"
A record shop - which it is claimed to be the world's oldest - has gone up for sale, but its owner says it could shut if a buyer is not found.

Spillers Records in Cardiff has been selling music since 1894, but it has gone on the market as part of its owner's divorce settlement.

Nick Todd, 56, said the shop must be sold by the end of next March.

The city centre store was founded by Henry Spiller to cater for aspiring merchant classes in the coal port.

We are not only the oldest record shop in the world, but we are the oldest recorded music business in the world
Nick Todd, Spillers Records

The sale price has not been revealed, but Mr Todd said he had invested 25,000 since he took over.

"I don't think Cardiff has got anything else that's the oldest in the world," said Mr Todd.

"We are not only the oldest record shop in the world, but we are the oldest recorded music business in the world.

"I love it, but it needs a different set of eyes. I've had a fantastic run.

"It was a privilege to be involved in something like this."

Mr Todd plans to become a lorry driver when he has found a buyer.

"Hopefully it's going to be somebody else's baby," he said, adding that one potential buyer had shown interest in the business.

'New-fangled invention'

Mr Todd was a DJ and regular customer before he took charge of Spillers in January 1975, and bought it 11 years later.

"I was across the counter one day when the manageress said to me: 'I've had enough of this, Nick. Why don't you come and do my job?"'

The shop, which in The Hayes, first started selling music under founder Henry Spiller.

"He saw this opportunity and opened the shop with that in mind - to get into this new-fangled invention," Mr Todd said.

Despite competition from major chains and now internet downloads, he said the independent shop had continued to flourish.

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