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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 April 2006, 15:11 GMT 16:11 UK
Study reveals city binge drinking
Man giving a breath test in Cardiff
Drinkers were asked to give a breath test as part of the study
Bars in Cardiff have been urged not to serve drunk people after research found men in the city drink an average of eight pints of lager in a night out.

Some of those surveyed using breath tests were four times over the drink drive limit by the end of the night.

The Cardiff Community Safety Partnership figures showed women drinkers consumed on average around five glasses of wine.

The figures came after a year-long study into binge drinking in Cardiff.

The Lion's Breath project was co-ordinated by the Cardiff Community Safety Partnership - a body made up of South Wales Police, Cardiff Council and other agencies - with the aim of examining the levels of intoxication among people drinking in Cardiff.

It is part of an on-going drive to promote sensible drinking in the city.

Breath tests

As part of the research, a team took to the streets of Cardiff on one Friday night and one Saturday night a month for twelve months and drinkers were asked to take part in a breath test.

Over twelve months, nearly 900 people gave a breath test with more than 900 others answering survey questions.

The project results were released on Thursday and researchers hope further work can be carried out as a result of their findings including educating bar staff about safe drinking.

Professor Jonathan Shepherd, who has chaired the research said: "The Lion's Breath project has proved to be ground-breaking and has helped to provide an invaluable insight into the make up and impact of a major city centre's night-time economy.

"I am keen now for the project's legacy to be one that informs the police, local authority, NHS and other partners for future strategies, but also for licensees, retailers and those who socialise, to be more aware of the issues that can affect their business and daily lives."

His colleague, Dr Simon Moore, from Cardiff University's violence and society research group added: "Although the nature of city centre drinking is enormously complex, the Lion's Breath project has, for the first time in the UK, sought to understand some of the key factors that affect the well-being of those who socialise in Cardiff.

"Finding that the majority of drinkers do seem to drink reasonably sensibly and appear to thoroughly enjoy their time in the city centre is reassuring.

"But it also means that we should now think about developing targeted interventions that focus on those few who drink to excess and undermine other peoples' enjoyment."

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