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Christian pair's sex shop website
Stella and Stan Hagarty
The couple say "sex in marriage is God's idea"
A Christian couple have set up a website offering sex toys and advice specifically aimed at married couples.

Stella and Stan Hagarty, from Bridgend, south Wales, say "sex is a great gift from God" and should be celebrated.

They set up the site after visiting a sex shop to spice up a wedding anniversary, but say they were shocked at the prices and sex aids on offer.

"Sex has that forbidden, dirty image but sex in marriage is God's idea and it's great," said Mrs Hagarty, 32.

Since setting up the site they claim to have had orders from as far away as New Zealand, Canada and Europe, with about 10,000 people looking at it every day.

Mrs Hagarty said the Christian faith had for too long focused on the negative side of sex like pornography and prostitution, and had forgotten about promoting the positive side like sex within marriage.

We want to strengthen marriages and sex is an important part of that
Stella Hagarty

"My husband and I went away for our 10th anniversary and for the first time we decided to visit a high street sex shop to liven things up a bit," she said.

"But we were really shocked at the price of things in there and the things on offer which seemed to focus on pornography and bondage, which is not what we see as fitting within a Christian marriage.

"A few days later, Stan came to me and said, 'Let's set up a Christian sex site'.

Unspecified sex shop signs
The Hagartys were dismayed when they visited a sex shop
"At first I thought he was mad, but then God changed my opinion and I thought it was a great idea."

The couple researched the idea and sought advice from church leaders, who they said supported it.

"It's all based on sex within a marriage and we offer advice, discussion and the shop," explained Mrs Hagerty.

"We want to strengthen marriages and sex is an important part of that.

'No sleaze'

"And although there are many Christian organisations which offer advice on marriage, there isn't anywhere people can go to get advice on sex within marriage.

"The media so often portrays sex as fun apart from sex within a marriage but that is the best sex."

"There is no porn and it isn't a sleazy site," said Mrs Hagerty.

"People are shocked at first when they hear about a Christian sex site because the two don't appear to go hand in hand.

"But when people think about it they realise what a good idea it is and we have had some really positive feedback."

However she does admit some of the response has not been so good.

"We have had people telling us we are working for Satan and we are going to hell, but the majority of people like the site."

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