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Rower's Atlantic 'dream' attempt
Rob Munslow in his boat
Rob Munslow will attempt the world record in June
A world record rower wants to beat the fastest solo Atlantic crossing when he sets out from Newfoundland in Canada.

Rob Munslow, 27, already holds one record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic as part of a four man team, but now he wants to go one better.

The rower from Monmouth wants to beat the solo record of 55 days in his vessel which is simply called 'boat'.

During the crossing Mr Munslow will exist on five hours a night sleep and will row for 14 hours a day.

The record attempt is costing him 45,000 but he said he did expect fame or riches for it - just the knowledge he had succeeded.


"I'm not in it to make money, I'm in there to pursue a dream and achieve a life goal," he said.

His boat contains a storage area for his food which he will have to rehydrate.

On board Mr Munslow has "a solar panel which gives me a bit of electricity and also a navigation light."

While he is rowing he will be able to keep an eye on his GPS satellite navigation system to keep him heading in the right direction.

In 2002 Mr Munslow took part in an attempt to beat the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic as part of a four man crew.

The journey in the specially designed boat, the Skandia Atlantic Spirit ended with a mid ocean rescue.

However, with a second attempt last year the crew set a new record of just 39 days.

The experienced rower will set sail in June in his attempt to fulfil his childhood dream.

"I'm in there to pursue a dream"

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