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Brewery's setting for Doctor Who
David Ginley
Brewery boss David Ginley spotted aliens during filming
Staff at a south Wales brewery had to make sure they had not been transported to another dimension when the cast of Doctor Who turned up for filming.

Billie Piper, who plays the Doctor's assistant Rose Tyler, 50 extras and the film crew spent the day at Magor Brewery, near Newport, to shoot scenes.

The production of thousands of bottles of lager was halted while filming took place in two areas of the site.

Brewery bosses said they were asked to help when another location cancelled.

And with its stainless steel brewing equipment, it became the perfect setting for the sci-fi series.

David Ginley, the site manager for the brewer said: "We received a call from BBC Wales and were pleased to help them out.

"The brewery itself is a modern brewery with lots of tanks and pipework so became the perfect setting for an industrial landscape which is what they wanted.

Billie Piper and David Tennant
The second series of Doctor Who will be aired in the spring

"Everybody was so excited about it - Doctor Who is so high profile and everyone was really excited and interested to see how something like that is made."

Mr Ginley said that although he didn't know what part of the storyline was being filmed at the site, he did see a number of Doctor Who's enemies.

"There were aliens and things. I didn't see any daleks though, but you never know, do you?"

Staff at the site were able to meet actress Billie Piper, but there was no sign of the Doctor himself.

Mr Ginley said: "We didn't get to see David Tennant but it was an exciting day for everybody at the brewery and we are all looking forward to watching the scenes in the finished programmes."

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