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Tom set for 'emotional' concert
Tom Jones
Tom Jones said he would be singing material from across his career
Singer Tom Jones wants to be laid to rest in Pontypridd eventually, he has revealed ahead of Saturday's homecoming concert in the south Wales town.

Speaking to BBC Wales Today, the US-based star said it would be an emotional night.

The concert in Ynysangharad Park will be his first in Pontypridd since 1964.

"I am emotional enough when I am in Cardiff, I will have to be careful not to get too emotional as your throat closes up and you can't sing," he said.

"In Pontypridd, I am going to be singing to primarily Welsh people, from Ponty and the surrounding valleys.

"It will be similar to what I have done in Cardiff, but even more so because I am from Pontypridd and I have never done a professional show there before.

"It is going to be very emotional for me."

I can't do all the songs, but I am going to try and do as many songs as I feel that will work and satisfy people
Tom Jones

He said it was "more than likely" that he would be laid to rest in south Wales.

"That is where I am from, that is where I'll end up," he said.

He said the gig was going to be better than his shows in Las Vegas.

"Las Vegas is a mish-mash of people, there are people from all over the world, so you never know what kind of audience is going to be there," he said.

Jones said he did not think the audience at Saturday's concert would be disappointed.

"We will do a big variety of stuff from different CDs I have done," he said.

Tom Jones
Tom Jones said he was always up to doing shows in Wales

"I mean I can't do all the songs, but I am going to try and do as many songs as I feel that will work and satisfy people who are going to come and see it."

He said that The Green Green Grass of Home would be a real high point on the night.

"I don't think I'll have to sing that, the band will strike up and I think I will just leave it to the people," he said.

Jones also said he was keen to sing at the annual Faenol festival in north Wales.

"I am always up for doing shows in Wales - Bryn Terfel has asked me but it has never worked out, as I am always doing something, but if possible, yeah," he said.


One of the things he misses is the south Wales sense of humour, and admitted he was a big fan of the Newport band Goldie Lookin' Chain.

"When I first started working with the Stereophonics I was thrilled at the fact that nothing had really changed," he said.

Tom Jones has been an international star since the 1960s
Tom Jones has been an international star since the 1960s

"They were speaking and doing the same kind of humour as I did when I lived there so to me it was like 1964 again.

"When I listen to Goldie Lookin' Chain, it is that humour again. They are over the top of course but it is still very funny and I think it is more funny to people who are from there."

As for regrets, the first thing he could think of was not concentrating for a picture he once had taken with his friend Elvis Presley.

"I was laughing and I had a double chin - that picture was shown in so many places, I have learned to concentrate when I have a picture taken because you never know where it shows up."

Jones was born Thomas Jones Woodward on 7 June 1940 in Treforest, an area close to Pontypridd town centre.

He first took to the stage at a social club and would regularly sing at family gatherings and wedding before his first UK No 1 - It's Not Unusual - made him an international star.

See more of the interview on BBC Wales Today at 1830 BST on Friday.

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