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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 December 2005, 15:28 GMT
Asbo ban for teenager footballer
Ian Matthews
The teenager made his neighbours lives misery, the court was told
A teenager who angered neighbours by kicking a football in the street late at night has been banned from doing so for three years.

Ian Matthews, 19, from Fairwater, Cardiff, was given the anti-social behaviour order by city magistrates.

District judge Gerwyn Watkins also ordered Matthews to pay costs of 500 at Cardiff magistrates' court.

One neighbour told the court that she had been "going through hell" because of Matthews' late-night kickabouts.

Neighbours in Kerrigan Close, Fairwater, drew up a list of Matthews' anti-social activities, which was read when he appeared in court last Thursday.

Their list included:

  • September 30, 2004: Matthews in a group playing football in street, kicking ball against garden wall.

  • October 6: Matthews and others seen kicking a ball at homes and cars.

  • March 14, 2005: Matthews and friends are asked to stop kicking a ball but kick it at a car and garden wall

  • April 13: Football repeatedly kicked into witness's car and garden.

  • April 19: A ball is kicked into a witness's garden and a youth is seen going in to collect it.

  • May 7: Matthews and friends repeatedly kick a football which goes into other people's gardens

    'Going through hell'

    The court was also told that Matthews and his friends drank alcohol and swore during their kickabouts.

    Hairdresser Michelle Thomas, 36, gave evidence in court saying: "I've been going through hell."

    Another neighbour said: "We've got nothing against kids having fun but this lad is a fully-grown man.

    "The sound of a ball smashing into your garden wall day and night is enough to drive you mad."

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