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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2005, 15:56 GMT
Landslide hill 'to be made safe'
Hill collapse behind street
Tonnes of earth fell towards homes as the hillside collapsed
Work to permanently reshape a mountainside behind eight homes in Ebbw Vales after a landslip threatened to engulf a street of houses has begun.

People living in eight houses along Pennant Street were evacuated after heavy rain caused the hillside to collapse on 6 November.

Residents feared their homes would be destroyed and demanded that the mountain was made safe.

Blaenau Gwent Council is working to make the hillside slope less steep.

Following the landslip, 25 residents were told to leave their homes, but have since been allowed to return home.

Landslide behind homes
Debris slid from the mountain during heavy rain

Temporary measures were put in place to prevent further landslides, but now work has started on creating a permanent solution to the problem.

Council engineers have removed excess soil and rock and are planning to carry out work which will make the slope less steep.

A council spokesman said the landslip was not linked to nearby disused colliery and ironstone spoil tips.

He said a full topographical survey had taken place, and work was now being carried out to reduce the steepness of the hillside slope in order to prevent similar landslips.

Councillor Brian Clements said: "Residents can be assured that the council is determined to put in place an effective and permanent solution to the problem".


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