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Lessons for young car criminals
Crash reconstruction scene
The reconstruction was made as realistic as possible
A graphic reconstruction showing the consequences of a crash involving a stolen car has been shown to young offenders.

A group of teenagers aged between 14 and 18 from across south Wales watched as the emergency services carried out the exercise.

The mother of a teenager who died after being involved in a high speed crash also spoke to the group.

It is part of an initiative to prevent further car crime by young offenders.

The youngsters were invited to the awareness day at Caerphilly fire station to see how the emergency services responded to a collision.

It was based on a crash between a young car thief and his passenger and an eight-month pregnant woman driver.

Young people watching the reconstruction
You can talk at young people until you are blue in the face, but this..shows them in graphic terms the consequences of their actions
Ron Boden, young offenders team

Police, ambulance and fire crews were involved in the reconstruction, with the scenario ending with the deaths of the passenger and the pregnant woman.

The emergency services showed how they would cut a person free from the car and what medical assistance would be needed.

One of the young offenders who cannot be identified said: "This is a hell of an experience, I never thought it would involve all of this."

The awareness day was arranged by the emergency services along with victim support, the prison service and workers from the young offenders team.

Ron Boden from the young offenders team said: "You can talk at young people until you are blue in the face, but this reconstruction shows them in graphic terms the consequences of their actions.

"The majority of accidents on the road tend to involve a young age group and a significant proportion - 60% - of accidents are caused by young people not driving legally.

Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren died after a high speed crash in a stolen car

"I don't believe that many of these young people know the full impact of what happens when a car is involved in an accident or the resources that are needed.

"Hopefully by seeing this today it will get the message across". As part of the day, the group heard from the mother of 19-year-old Andrew Warren from Merthyr, who died in early 2002.

He was the passenger in a stolen car which crashed at high speed.

Inspector Bob Witherall from Gwent Police said the day should have a "significant impact" on those who attended.

He said: "We need to ensure that they understand the dangers of getting involved in this type of crime".

Fourteen young offenders who attended a similar event earlier this year have not reoffended since the workshop.

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