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Walk of Fame plan for Welsh stars
Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster
Sir Anthony Hopkins features in the Hollywood Walk of Fame
A Hollywood-style Walk of Fame could be set up in Cardiff to honour the great and good of Wales.

A National Walk of Fame - the second of its kind in the UK - would pay tribute to famous and distinguished Welsh men and women.

Their names would be inlaid in silver on individually-carved stone plaques.

The company behind the scheme said that the people to be honoured in the Walk of Fame would be chosen by the people of Wales via a vote.

Stars like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton and Catherine Zeta Jones could be featured on first 20 stones to be laid.

And other celebrities, sporting heroes, politicians and historical figures are likely to be included.

The Welsh Walk of Fame, will mirror the Hollywood version.

Catherine Zeta Jones
Could Catherine Zeta Jones get her name in the Welsh Walk of Fame?

It will involve laying around 20 stones, which will be inlaid with the names of the distinguished person in silver on individually-carved stone plaques," said Walk of Fame Ltd spokesman Bill Murray.

He said that Wales was chosen as the first nation in the UK to have an official walk of fame because: "We feel that the passion in Wales is unrivalled anywhere else in the UK."

"It is so fantastic what is going on in Wales - it is really on the up and we wanted to mark that," he added.

The scheme has been supported by Cardiff's Harbour Authority and the favoured location is the Roald Dahl Plas, close to the newly-opened Wales Millennium Centre.

Tourist attraction

Cardiff Harbour Authority is seeking approval for funding of 12,000 a year for 10 years from the Welsh Assembly Government.

And members of Cardiff Council are expected to visit the UK's other Walk of Fame - in Brighton - later this month before making their decision on the scheme.

Councillor Nigel Howells, the council's executive member for leisure, sport and culture, said: "A Welsh National Walk of Fame could be a major new attraction, paying tribute to famous and distinguished Welsh men and women.

"It would help the area to attract tourists and provide interest for local communities."

If the scheme is given the go-ahead, the star-studded walkway is expected to be laid next year.

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