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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 December, 2004, 13:42 GMT
Jail and life ban for dog cruelty
Andrew Gough arriving in court
Andrew Gough was jailed for six months
A man who shot a greyhound and cut off its ears has been jailed for six months and banned from keeping animals for life.

Greyhound track groundsman Andrew Gough was sentenced by magistrates in Caerphilly, south Wales, after he was convicted of cruelty to Last Hope.

The dog was put down after an offence magistrates said was "totally unacceptable in a civilised society".

Gough, 28, from Tir-y-berth, Rhymney Valley, plans to appeal.

Rod Smith, defending, said Gough was adamant he was not responsible for the dog's death.

The court heard that Gough shot the greyhound in the head with a retractable bolt gun and cut his ears off. He also suffered injuries to his shoulder.

The dog had been dumped the day before it was found on Fochriw mountain, Rhymney Valley, on 2 May.

Two people walking their dogs discovered the injured animal. The dog, also known as Charlie, had to be put destroyed after being looked at by a vet.

Victor Watkins, chairman of the bench, said: "This was deliberate and odious attack on a vulnerable dog, to end its life, and to render its identity unrecognisable.

"Charlie clearly endured lengthy suffering in the failed attempt to take his life. This was carried out to such a shocking degree that it's totally unacceptable in a civilised society."

Andrew Gough arriving in court
Gough blew kisses at protesters on his arrival in court on Wednesday

Gough had been convicted last month in his absence and magistrates refused a submission to reopen the case to hear more evidence.

At the earlier hearing, magistrates were told that the dog's ears were sliced off because identity tattoos would have led to him being traced.

The court had been told that the greyhound's owner had allegedly paid 10 to have the Irish-bred dog destroyed by Gough.

He had promised that he would "humanely put down" the dog and bury him in lime on a farm.

The charity Greyhound Rescue Wales estimated that, in Wales alone, between 100 and 300 greyhounds no longer fit for racing were killed every year, although not all in such an horrific way.

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