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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 December, 2004, 15:51 GMT
'Phonics hire new drummer
Richard Jones and Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics
The new drummer will join Richard Jones and Kelly Jones
Welsh rockers Stereophonics have recruited a full-time drummer to replace Stuart Cable, who was sacked from the band in 2003.

Argentinian Javier Weyler took up drumming duties with the band earlier this month.

Band members Kelly Jones and Richard Jones met with Weyler after spending the night in an Argentinian police station.

The band are working on their latest album, to be released in early 2005.

Stereophonics, from Cwmaman in the Cynon Valley, have been without a permanent drummer since Cable was dropped in September 2003.

But following a jamming session with Weyler, the band have hired him as their new drummer.

According to the group's official website, Weyler became friendly with the band after a party in Argentina which got raided by police.

Kelly Jones and Stuart Cable
Stuart Cable was sacked from the band in 2003

Band frontman Kelly Jones said: "We were at this club, it was rockin', everyone having a good time, and then the owner invited us to this private house party.

"That's where we met Javier - we already knew him from London, he'd worked at bjg/sahara studios in Fulham, he assisted on 'You Gotta Go There' demo's, so we had a few drinks together.

"After a couple of hours, the police raided the house.

"Of course us being the tourists, we got taken away first so there was about 10 of us in a room, not unlike a police cell, at the police station.

"They let us all go after about five hours, so me, Javier and Rich went for some breakfast at this other place and we ended up jamming for the first time, to Tommy Gun by The Clash."

Weyler and the band met up in April, when Kelly Jones was writing demos with the Argentinian assisting and the band asked him to join.

He took up drumming duties with the band in early December and is working with his new bandmates on their fifth album Language. Sex. Violence. Other? which is due for release early in 2005.

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