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Firm secures Egypt temple mission
Temple of Hibis (pic sent by Wales Trade International)
The temple is being moved 500m by authorities
A specialist south Wales company has won a contract to help preserve an ancient Egyptian temple.

Newport-based Cintec International will carry out work to reinforce the 2,500-year-old Temple of Hibis in the Western Desert.

The company is using a system which it says will leave no visible change to the temple's outward appearance.

Cintec has work on 10 mosques and maqaads, or pillared rooms, in historic parts of the Egyptian capital Cairo.

The Temple of Hibis, which dates from 522 BC, was first excavated from the sands in 1910 by the Metropolitan Museum of New York, under the direction of Herbert Winlock.

It is believed that King Amun-Re had ordered construction on the temple to begin in 588 BC during the 26th dynasty, with work continued by his successor Amasis II and completed by Darius I.

Temple of Hibis (pic sent by Wales Trade International)
Construction on the Temple of Hibis began in 588BC

The temple has suffered structural problems in recent years, which have been blamed on fluctuations in the water table caused by farming and irrigation.

The Egyptian authorities decided to move the temple 500m to a new site and have already dismantled its Islam Gateway.

The Cintec system involves injecting a special cement grout into a steel "anchor" section in a mesh fabric sleeve.

The flexible sleeve expands and moulds itself into the shape and spaces within the walls to support the building.


Cintec managing director Peter James said the firm's involvement would be long-lasting.

"Once completed, no-one will ever know we've been there, but a result is that the temple will last for another 2,500 years at least," he said.

The company won a Queen's Award for Enterprise and Innovation in 2002, and its work on heritage buildings has included rail bridges in India, Christ Church Cathedral in Australia and Windsor Castle.

The firm's global expansion is being supported by the Welsh Assembly Government's overseas trade arm, Wales Trade International, which is working closely with Cintec to help it identify new international contracts.

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