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Indian feel to eisteddfod
Madhvi Dalal
Madhvi Dalal will be teaching people Indian dancing
Think of the National Eisteddfod and you may be forgiven for thinking of clog dancing, folk music and Welsh literature.

But this year there is a more international feel.

Madhvi Dalal from Newport will be performing Indian dancing as part of a week long programme of events.

The 28-year-old has choreographed a dance which she will perform over the festival as well as holding workshops teaching people Indian dancing.

"When I realised that the eisteddfod was coming to Newport, I approached the organisers with an idea of going around local schools to teach children some Indian dance steps," said Madhvi who works as a pharmacist.

The eisteddfod has come to one of the highest multi cultural areas of Wales and it is good it is embracing that this year
Madhvi Dalal

"So I have spent the last few weeks going to about 18 schools and teaching the children some basic moves.

"They reacted really well. Many of them hadn't seen Indian dancing before and were keen to try it.

"And now many of them are going to come to the eisteddfod to attend some workshops I am holding into Indian dance," she said.

But not only will Madhvi be teaching Indian dancing, she will also be performing it too.

"I have teamed up with a ballet dancer called Carl Butcher and we have choreographed a routine which is a fusion of east meets west.

"It is nice because the eisteddfod has come to one of the highest multi-cultural areas of Wales and it is good it is embracing that this year.

"I think it is very positive especially in south Wales."

Described as being quite heavy footed, Madhvi said that although different in style, Indian dancing was quite easy to adapt to the Welsh clog dancing style.

"They are both very rhythmic and so they can be combined," she said.

"I'm really looking forward to it," she added.

Madhvi will be holding workshops on Saturday and Thursday and will be performing her dance on Sunday.

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