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Dancer's eisteddfod impressions
Madhvi Dalal and Sri Goberdhan
Madhvi Dalal and Sri Goberdhan have been teaching Indian dancing
As the National Eisteddfod is held in one of the most anglicised and diverse areas of Wales, BBC News website spoke to one first-timer about her impressions.

Madhvi Dalal, 28, a pharmacist from Newport - the festival's host city - has spent three days there.

Ms Dalal has been holding workshops in Indian dancing for Welsh visitors to the maes at Tredegar Park.

She spoke about the similarities of the two cultures

I've been sharing workshop space with people who teach traditional clog dancing,

And although the music and the costumes are different, there are a lot of similarities.

One of the main things is that the rhythm of the feet is very similar.

The stances are very different but once you've got the rhythm of the feet it is not hard to pick up.

I've never been to an eisteddfod before and I have to say I have really enjoyed it.

They have done so well in acknowledging the different cultures of this area and I have told all of my friends to come and have a look around.

It has a real cosmopolitan feel and is really accessible for people.

I've had lots of people come up to me when I've been in my dancing costume and ask me what I'm doing.

And when I tell them that I'm holding workshops lots of people have said that they are going to come along and have a look.

The eisteddfod has been a really good thing for the area.

Indian feel to eisteddfod
01 Aug 04  |  South East Wales

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