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Obesity road show's valleys tour
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Child obesity could store up health problems for adults
Combating obesity in children is the latest lesson from a university lecturer who is taking a road show around the valleys.

Dr Wyndham Boobier from the University of Glamorgan hopes to end the confusion surrounding food after a constant barrage of diet information over recent years.

He believes that the information overload of dietary advice has added to the record levels of overweight children throughout the UK.

Obesity levels in Merthyr Tydfil and Blaenau Gwent made it into the top ten of a league of places in the UK in a report out on Monday.

And research by the Archives of Disease in Childhood showed that children's waistlines have expanded by two clothing sizes over the past 20 years.

The road show aims to give parents a better understanding of food and provides nutritional advice as well as encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

The lecturer is also talking to food manufacturers about making low fat alternatives to their products.

He has already produced a recipe for a jam biscuit which is fat and sugar free and also contains ingredients which helps prevent heart disease, such as increased fibre.

Parents get so many conflicting messages that nutritional advice can often seem bewildering
Dr Wyndham Boobier

"I have had a very positive response from three companies I have contacted about this issue," he said.

Dr Boobier has begun his tour in the south Wales valleys but plans to take to road show to other parts of Wales over the year are also in place.

Childhood obesity in Wales is increasing, mainly as a result of poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.

Dr Boobier feels that many parents are often left with more questions than answers.

"Parents get so many conflicting messages via various media and adverts that nutritional advice can often seem bewildering and contradictory," he said.

Dr Wyndham Boobier
Dr Wyndham Boobier is hosting the road shows

"There is currently an upward trend in childhood obesity in Wales, which appears to be increasing with each generation.

"If obesity levels are not reduced then we will see further bullying, teasing and costs to the NHS.

"Over 50% of overweight or obese children become overweight or obese adults.

Obesity can bring other problems, like heart disease and various cancers, so it is very important that the message gets across, said the lecturer.

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