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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 November, 2003, 17:39 GMT
Skeletons found at cathedral
Llandaff Cathedral (Picture courtesy of David Lloyd)
Excavation work was being carried out at the cathedral
Fourteen skeletons thought to date back to medieval times have been found in shallow graves during an excavation at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.

The remains were found while work was being undertaken to widen a pathway to create disabled access at the west end of the building.

Archaeologists who had been brought in to conduct an excavation, discovered the bones near the pathway to the door of the cathedral.

The bones have been taken to the archaeology group's headquarters in Llanidloes where they will be analysed before being reburied at Llandaff.

Kevin Blockley, from Cambrian Archaeological Projects said that the find wasn't unexpected.

"We weren't surprised to find the skeletons because it is in the graveyard," he said.


"The graves were very shallow which is quite typical of medieval burials.

"But they are very well preserved," he added.

Mr Blockley said that in medieval times, people would often be buried in graves shared by other people because of lack of space.

"We have taken the skeletons to our headquarters where they will be examined by a specialist to find out more about how they lived.

"Then they will be returned to Llandaff to be reburied," he added.

Mr Blockley said that his team would be finishing their work at Cardiff by next week and builders would then be allowed on site to construct the wider path.

The Very Reverend John Lewis, said that following analysis, the skeletons would be returned for burial at the cathedral at an appropriate time.

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