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Hemp burgers on sale
Hemp crop
Hemp has a variety of uses
A recipe for burgers made from hemp is is just one of the products being offered for sale by a south Wales business.

The firm, run by Gail Dunsbee from her home in Chepstow, offers a range of goods including chocolate, tea and bath oils all made with hemp.

Now hempish.com is planning to sell its wares to a wider audience after getting financial help from the Welsh Development Agency (WDA).

Hemp is a versatile and hard wearing product often used to make clothing.

But now Mrs Dunsbee is offering a wider use of the plant by selling other products made from the plant.

She includes a range of foods including chocolate, tea and flour as well as body care products.

"I get children asking me about hemp and they have no idea of its benefits, they just think about its link with cannabis," said Mrs Dunsbee.

"Cannabis is one thing, however, everything else that can be done with hemp is positive."

Hemp has a variety of industrial uses including making paper, textiles, food, clothes and medicine.

"Hempish.com was formed from a desire to respect the environment and to source the best and most varied hemp products from around the world," said Mrs Dunsbee.

The hemp plant is farmed by eco-friendly methods and is claimed to be one of the most eco-beneficial crops grown.

Hemp is the longest, strongest and most durable natural fibre known to mankind and can be grown in four months.

Until 1883, more than 75% of the worlds paper was made from Hemp.

It has been cultivated in the UK again since 1993.

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