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Last Updated: Friday, 17 October, 2003, 10:49 GMT 11:49 UK
Rapper 'sets world record'
Rapper Ruffstylz
The rapper says Cardiff is a 'hip hop' place to be
A Cardiff rapper has talked his way "through hyperspace" to a musical world record after an overnight marathon at a city night club.

And Rapper Ruffstylz - aka DJ Dan Lloyd - claims to have broken the world record for rapping by making up the lyrics as he went along.

The 28-year-old freestyle rapped for 10 hours and 34 minutes overnight at the Toucan Club, supported by an army of 20 other DJs who played music for him.

His claim for a new world record is now being processed by Guinness World Records.

Ruffstylz - not surprisingly suffering from a bad throat after his record attempt - said he was "rapped" to have made it into the record books.

I really just went through hyperspace from one crazy subject to another
The world rapping record was previously held by Canadian rapper TO who managed 8 hours 45 minutes of the music a few months ago.

He said achieving a world record had been difficult with just a 15-minute break allowed once in four hours under the Guinness rules.

"I could also stop speaking for 30 seconds without the challenge being lost - but I didn't stop for more than 15 seconds," he added.

"It was crazy last night. Luckily the club wasn't too crowded.

'Belle place'

"People were bringing up words for me to talk about and to rhyme. I really just went through hyperspace from one crazy subject to another."

The MC has split his time between London and Cardiff, working as a DJ in night spots. His main inspirations are Cannibal Ox - a rap group from New York, and Taskforce, a UK outfit.

"Lately Cardiff is just a belle place to live. The hip hop scene has got a lot of good vibes about it," said Ruffstylz.

Once he recovers his voice, he hopes to set up his own record label with a group of Cardiff-based rappers and release a record.

"I thrive on hearing new music all the time," he said.

A spokeswoman for Guinness World Records confirmed that the record claim had been received from Ruffstylz.

"It will take six to eight weeks to process," she said.

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