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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 September, 2003, 15:59 GMT 16:59 UK
Cable's exit rocks Cwmaman
The band formed in Cwmaman and never forgot its roots

As the news filtered to Cwmaman of the split in the band which put the south Wales valleys village on the map, the main reaction was shock.

It emerged on Thursday at that the band sacked their drummer Stuart Cable - a founding member - because of problems over "commitment" - but without informing him.

The Stereophonics were the pride of the town - not just because they were born, raised and formed their all-conquering band there, but because they never turned their backs on it.

But there was at least one person in town to whom the news of Stuart Cable's departure came as no surprise - Kelly Jones' cousin, who was also in a band with the singer which split up.

Admittedly, this was when Jones was still in school, but Gene Davies, 31, perhaps speaking from bitter experience, said he could have seen the 'Phonics' rupture coming.

He told BBC News Online: "The Stereophonics have had four albums out and it wouldn't surprise me if Kelly was planning to set out on his own."

He was not bothered by the split - no love appears to be lost between the cousins - but was clear it would come as a big blow to people in the town.

Gene Davies
Gene Davies said that he wasn't surprised by the split

According to Mr Davies at least, Cable was the one of the trio whom people most warmed to.

"Stuart was one of the more down-to-earth of the band," he said.

"He was the sort of bloke who would come back and have a pint with you," he said.

Many thought it was a shame Cable had gone from the band after all the success they had enjoyed together.

Age was no barrier to supporting the threesome.

Fred Jones, 65, said he had known Stuart since he was a small boy.

"Mabel his mother is one of our best friends and I'm shocked by the news.

"I don't see how Kelly and Richard could have sacked him because I thought they were in a partnership."

But maybe he unwittingly hit the problem on the head when he added: "Stuart seemed to be doing so much else with the TV shows."

And 28-year-old Amanda Bibby had some comfort for the now ex-band drummer, saying: "I think Stuart is doing really well on his own."

He will have to now.

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